Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability

Please go through the attached rubric table carefully before you start, this paper will be assessed on a 100-point scale based on the attached grading rubric table.
Part A: Present article “Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability” ATTACHED (50%grading)
After carefully reading the article you need to present

  1. the theory in 300 words
  2. methodology in 100 words
  3. main findings in a coherent way in 100 words
    Part B: Applying your article knowledge to a company (40%grading)
    Apply what you have learned from the article to a company of your choosing.
    You should consider the following:
  4. How can the managers of the company apply the knowledge from the article to their advantage? in 50 words
  5. What recommendations can you make to that company? In 50 words
    Part C: Presentation (10%grading)
    You will need to present your findings in one-page academic poster.
    You should consider the following:
  6. The poster should be visually stimulating using a variety of materials and creative use of colour, visuals and text.
  7. Your poster should include academic and organizational references where appropriate.
    You will also be assessed by the following:
    • Evidence of wider reading- business articles, business web-sites, journal papers and academic books.
    • Learned new knowledge through investigation of real business and marketing examples.
    • Development of wider insights, knowledge and understanding by carrying out critical analysis and application of relevant theory, concepts, tools and models.
    • Extraction and effective communication of the key points arising from your reading of the article and its application to a company.

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