Durable Powers

This discussion is in two parts:

I. Additional issues arise with older adults toward the end of life. Please complete one of the following for the first part of this discussion:

  1. Discuss end-of-life issues such as hospice care and euthanasia, and advanced directives such as living wills and durable powers of attorney.
  2. Discuss the implications and ramifications of crimes against the elderly.
  3. Describe issues associated with alcohol abuse in the elderly.

II. The saying goes that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Despite that, death is something that few people prepare for and few people discuss. For this second part of the discussion, address all of the following:

  • What contributes to this reluctance?
  • Do you ever talk about death, your own or others, with close friends or family?
  • If you were to talk about death, what concerns, fears, or questions might you communicate?

Please remember, this is a discussion, but it is a scholarly discussion. As such, your posts should reflect having read and applied the course material. Your discussion posts (initial and peer response posts) should contain in-text citations and reference lists, and follow APA style and format.


Read the postings by others and respond to at least two by addressing some specific point or concern. Express thoughts, supported by academic sources that the original posting raises for you on this topic, connecting the post you are addressing to your own as much as possible.

Peer responses should be substantive and reflect having read and applied course readings. Responses need to contain in-text citations and a reference list using APA style and format.

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