Dress Code


Objective: Students demonstrate mastery of expository, persuasive, and narrative writing that adheres to Academic English writing standards

Assignment Directions: Create three essays according to the following directions:

Note: ALL assignments for this course must be submitted together. You will not get credit if you submit one essay at a time.

1. An expository essay explains a task or process. It explains how and/or why to the reader. Write an expository essay on the following prompt:

  • Explain how education may improve your life situation.

2. A persuasive essay attempts to change, or persuade, a reader’s point of view on a topic. Write a persuasive essay on the following prompt:

  • Public schools should adopt a dress code and require students to adhere to that dress code or be denied enrollment.

3. A narrative essay tells a story in order to share experiences or knowledge. Because a narrative essay usually describes an event, it usually follows chronological order. Write a narrative essay on the following prompt:

  • The best moment of my life was when………..

Each essay should be a MINIMUM of one single spaced or two double-spaced typed pages, no larger than 12-point font. Using details and vivid descriptive words will enhance your work. Before submitting your essays, review your work for correct punctuation, spelling, and word usage. Have you addressed the topic? Have you used vivid words and included specific details? Have you included examples to illustrate your point? Does your writing reflect Academic English standards?

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