Drawing on Work or Personal Examples, Analyse How You Would/Have Made an Engaging and Well- Informed Contribution to Discussions to Support the Application of Good People Practice

• You need to identify an example (real or imagined) that is based on a workplace scenario (that they were involved with or could have been involved with)
• The scenario – discussion subject – should be related to a people professional subject
• You should explain how you were well-informed (how did they prepare?)
• You should explain how you engaged (what communication techniques did you use?) – what behaviours did you exhibit e.g. courage to challenge?

Contributing to discussions – Examples could be, being well informed, courageous in speaking up and championing better work and working lives (quoting the CIPD).

Effective communication – how to engage with others and gain their attention through:
• Volume, tone & pace.
• Application of listening skills.
• Adapting the content to the audience.
• Skills of summarising.
• Presentation skills.
• Influencing skills.

Strong answers will also link to the CIPD Profession Map and highlight both specialist and generalist contributions.

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