Draft of Introduction and Bibliography

As for the organizational structure of Beyond Infinite, the nonprofit agency currently has a total of 12 full time staff members, five part time staff members, as well as a large corps of volunteers who are quite dedicated to the mission of the organization. At present, the organization has an annual budget of $5.2 million, and it depends largely on donations from private citizens and local businesses to ensure that it can continue to serve the community. As such, the agency tends to attract individuals who want to do work that benefits their fellow human being, rather than seeking to strike it rich, which means that the overall agency culture is quite altruistic.
As for the impact of this organizational structure on the proposal, it is clear that Beyond Infinite has a rather low annual budget in which to perform the vital services that it offers to the community. Moreover, since it is highly dependent on individual donations, it is likely that the current economic situation in this nation will reduce its annual income. At the same time, the very same economic situation is increasing the need for the services provided by Beyond Infinite. As such, the organization needs to desperately seek other sources of external funding from the local, state, and federal governments.
When it comes to the impact of the agency’s mission statement on the formation of this proposal, it was tremendous. The basic mission of Beyond Infinite is to provide foodstuffs and nutrition to people in need, regardless of the reason that they need this help or their current financial circumstances. While some food pantries will demand extensive documentation of need, such as proof that the recipient is on welfare or has recently lost a job, Beyond Infinite freely helps people who come asking for this assistance and does not ask a lot of questions. For this reason, the agency is in need for further financial resources so that it can continue this very noble endeavor within the community.
As for current trends in human service delivery that can impact Beyond Infinite, there are many at this time. To begin with, the cost of food and of rent is escalating rapidly in this nation due to inflation. As a result of the increased cost of food, as well as the fact that many landlords are sharply increasing the cost of leasing space for charitable organizations, there have been many who have been forced to close their doors at precisely the time at which they are most needed. No one wants to see this happen to Beyond Infinity, and so this provides much of the basis for this current proposal. It does seem that there are government funds available, but it is just a matter of applying for them.
If this proposal is successful, it could dramatically improve the future of Beyond Infinity, as well as that of the people in the communities that they serve. It is clear that an increased operational budget will enable this organization to both expand their reach within the community, and to broaden the services that they are able to provide. Moreover, this investment of money will provide exponential returns. When Beyond Infinity is able to help a person through a rough period in their lives, that person will often go on to be a highly productive citizen, and they are also much more likely to want to pay the help forward once they themselves get back on their feet.

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