Draft DNP Practicum Readiness Form


The purpose of this assignment is to complete the DNP Practicum Readiness Form (located in the DNP Project & Practicum Resources section of the Student Resource Center) in preparation for the practicum courses. The Practicum Readiness Form must be completed entirely because the information will be needed to write the project plan, complete the institutional review board application, and implement the DNP practice change project.


Complete all pages entirely with sufficient detail, paying attention to the following:

  1. Page 1
    1. If some information does not apply, such as the mentor information, enter Not Applicable. Be sure to answer the questions at the bottom of the page with the check-boxes.
  2. Page 2
    1. Answer all questions and sub-questions. If a sub-question is not completed, the form is considered incomplete.
    1. Enter complete APA references for 5 contemporary research articles (< 5 years old).
      1. A minimum of 2 articles should be related to your practice problem.
      1. A minimum of 3 articles related to your evidence-based intervention.
      1. The form is considered incomplete with less than 2 articles for the practice problem and 3 articles supporting the evidence-based intervention.
  3. Page 3
    1. Explain the steps in your intervention implementation plan in detail so that the reader can implement the same intervention by following your plan’s exact steps.
    1. Examine the feasibility of implementing your project in 8-12 weeks.
    1. Analyze the barriers you anticipate and the strategies to overcome or mitigate the barriers.
  4. Page 4
    1. Explain your data collection plan and process fully so that the reader can replicate the data collection process exactly.
      1. State the outcome(s) you will measure and the data collection process pre-implementation and process post-implementation.
      1. Explain your data analysis plan and the statistical tests you will use to evaluate the outcome data. Importantly, you must complete the two questions with check boxes at the bottom of the page.

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