Documentation Skills

Question 1

  • Develop effective documentation skills to examine group therapy sessions with children and adolescents *
  • Develop diagnoses for child and adolescent clients receiving group psychotherapy *

Analyze legal and ethical implications of counseling child and adolescent clients with psychiatric disorders

Question 2

Essay Question: Explain the concept of learned helplessness. How does it develop? How do people who have learned to be helpless differ from those who haven’t learned this?

Question 3

  • Identifying information of client (e.g., hypothetical name and age)
  • Date the client initially contacted therapist, date therapy began, duration of therapy, and date therapy will end

Total number of sessions, including number of missed sessions.

Question 4

The roots of the American nation..

Does American nation exist? How the American society was organized in 18 th and 19 th ? Which were the composite elements of the nation then and later?

1000-1500 words.

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