DNP Practicum Form

Provide a problem statement (no less than 5-6 fully structured sentences) to explain the issue/problem you are addressing. Please describe current  practice/process leading to the issue. Provide any reports or currently available data to document the need identified by primary decision-maker(s) at  practicum site. NOTE: in this section, you must include in-text citations with your evidence-based intervention

Provide a brief description, using in-text citations/references, to support the need for change from both a global and practicum site perspective.

What is the purpose of your proposed project? Begin your formal purpose statement by stating, “The purpose of the proposed DNP project is to…”

Based on the needs of the practicum site, please provide your one-sentence PICOT question below in a clear and concise manner. Note: Your  population cannot be students or faculty; your intervention cannot be educational and your time-frame must be 8-10 weeks.

Fully describe the population (keep in mind students and/or faculty are not allowed) of your proposed project. What is your anticipated sample size  and what inclusion and exclusion criteria will be used to identify your population?

Note: You are required to have a minimum of 10-12 contemporary research articles (< 5 years old) to support your evidence-based practice (EBP)  intervention. Please provide a full listing (APA formatted) of the evidence you have to support the EBP intervention you will implement.

Explain the intervention you will implement to address the issue identified based on the needs of the practicum site. Remember, educational  only interventions are not allowed. The intervention should be based on the translational science model you have chosen. You must provide an  overview of the intervention so the reader(s) will be able to duplicate the intervention on their own. (Include or attach any relevant documents,  if available such as protocols, procedures, guidelines, etc. that you will implement).

Given you only have 8-10 weeks to implement your project, discuss its feasibility. Will you be able to accomplish everything you want to do as far as  implementation in 8-10 weeks? What barriers might you have and how will you overcome them?

Fully explain your plans for data collection to measure the impact of your intervention. Include a concise description of the measurable outcome you identified in your PICOT question. Provide the name of the tool/instrument you will use (if applicable) and discuss its validity and reliability with  in-text citations from supporting literature. Additionally, fill out the chart below to concisely convey your measurable outcomes and the name(s) of the  valid/reliable survey instrument/tool(s) you will use.

Explain your plan for data analysis. Identify the statistical test(s) you will use to bring meaning to the final data you collect at the completion  of your project.

Measurable Outcome(s) as identified in the PICOT question:

Data collection process pre- and post-intervention: telemonitoring

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