DMAIC Process

Question 1. Explain the importance of tollgates in the DMAIC process.

Question 2. What role does risk play in project selection and the Define step of DMAIC?

Question 3. Describe a service system that you use. What are the CTQs that are important to you? How do you think that DMAIC could be applied to this process?

Question 4. One of the objectives of the control plan in DMAIC is to “hold the gain.” What does this mean?

Question 5. Why are designed experiments most useful in the Improve step of DMAIC?

Question 6. Suppose that during the analyze phase an obvious solution is discovered. Should that solution be immediately implemented and the remaining steps of DMAIC abandoned? Discuss your answer.

Question 7. Discuss why, in general, determining what to measure and how to make measurements is more difficult in service processes and transactional businesses than in manufacturing.

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