Diversity Case Study

First: Take a few moments to read the scenario below.

Scenario: Bott Laboratories is a medium-sized electronics company based in Los Angeles. The company designs and produces a small range of parts that are ultimately used in military hardware. A semi-skilled workforce of mostly Asian immigrants manufactures all their products on-site. But given recent gains in the quality of Mexican manufacturing, the Plant Manager believes that they could now move production to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (directly south of El Paso) with minimal risk of quality glitches. The average wage in the U.S. Bott factory is $15 per hour, versus $6 per hour for comparable workers in Ciudad Juarez.


Role-Play: The CEO has called a meeting with the Union Negotiator and the Plant Manager. Each must present his or her case about moving to Mexico to the CEO, without interruption. Be sure to consider the full range of possibilities, such as risk, transportation costs, workforce stability, rental costs, facility refurbishing costs, etc. After hearing both arguments, the CEO must decide which direction to take, and communicate that decision to the others.

Use headings and bullets to keep your responses easy to read and concise (short).

What would your arguments would be as Plant Manager to convince the CEO to move the plant to Mexico?
What would your arguments would be as Union Negotiator to convince the CEO to keep the plant in California?
As CEO what would you decide?
What were the most powerful arguments on either side? What was the most effective way for the CEO to communicate bad news?

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