Distribution Channels

Question 1

Easy to be online marketing but not easy to be sustainable without distribution channels. In our case, iTwin’s marketer have done a successful online marketing but there were external and internal challenges. We aim to find solutions for:

  1. The internal challenging like cannibalization due to the cost of online marketing considers as a low cost comparing with offline one, some of the entrepreneurs just go behind the sheen of online marketing without considering the issue of cannibalizing and that exactly what has happened with iTwin.
  2. The external challenges like competing with extremely big companies that have successful cloud applications could take over all iTwin solution.

The iTwin’s CEO shares with us, his plans to launch the third iTwin’s solution. We aim to take one step ahead and discuss as to, whether should iTwin launch a new one online or should go offline. If it goes offline, will it thereby cannibalize itself online?

Question 2

Introduce the debate surrounding abolition vs. equality and how it led to the American Civil War. Why were there significant fears about the impact of freed slaves in the North? Who had the most to win/lose?

The response must be at least 200 words in length.

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