Disorders of the Organ Systems

Based on your research and what you are learning in class, please write an APA formatted paper focusing on a particular disease or disorder involving one of the organ systems covered in A&P 1: integumentary system, reproductive system, skeletal system, muscular system, genetic disorders or nervous system.   The paper must be 3 pages minimum not including the Title Page, Abstract, and References sections.

  1. Title Page- as per APA format including Running head throughout paper (staple paper- no folder)
  • Abstract- a short paragraph summary of your paper- part of an APA format
  • Page 1+ of the body should include the following information about the disease or disorder
  • which organs are involved
  • disease process
  • which population is most affected
  • signs and symptoms
  • how it is diagnosed
  • treatment/cure/prevention
  • and anything else you feel will help the class understand your chosen topic
  • Page 2+ of the body should be a synopsis of at least 2 current or ongoing experiments on your particular topic.  These must be peer-reviewed journal entries found in PubMed.org. You are to summarize the details of the study: experimental design, outcomes and authors’ conclusion (in your own words of course).
  • Page 3+ of the body is the human experience.  In this page, you will summarize in your own words and while protecting HIPPA, the experiences shared by individuals or family members of individuals experiencing the disease you chose.  This information can be best gotten by browsing online support communities, social media groups or personal blogs.  Be sure to include at least 2 different people’s experiences.
  • Last page should be your reference page- be sure to include all references including Pubmed, personal interviews and online support communities.  Use proper APA format for references.

Citations fromsites such as WIKIPEDIA or “ASK.com” will not be considered valid.

There is a 5 point bonus available to each student on this assignment for meeting with the Writing Studio.  A written confirmation from the writing studio coordinator is required to receive the incentive points.  Appointments are to be made in person in the Writing Studio (located inside the Learning Commons) Main Building, 1st Floor. 

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