Disease Detective

Question 1

Review the following websites and activities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]. Solve the outbreak. Disease detective. 

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2017). Partnering to heal. 

Create a journal entry of 200-250 words reflecting on your personal experiences or thoughts regarding the activities at these sites, the content and epidemiological methods utilized. Are you able to identify modes of transmission and implement interventions better with these learning tools? Have you ever participated in an outbreak investigation or care of a person during such an event? Share your insights to outbreak investigation and the use of epidemiology tools

APA format

Question 2


  • According to the textbook, the changes in the macroeconomic indicators affect the economic decisions of the 3 economic agents (household, firms, and government). Assume you are a business owner (manager). How do you use macroeconomic indicators in your business plan and strategy? Why are the indicators relevant for business decision making process? How do they affect business profit?
  • There is an ongoing debate on how the unemployment rate is measured in the economy. Some people argue that the reported (official) unemployment rate actually understates the extent of unemployment in the economy. What are your opinions on official rate of unemployment? How do you think the official unemployment data can be improved to be a better measure of unemployment in the economy?

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