Discussion Technology for Inclusive Learning

It is important to assess the needs of learners and make the learning environment (bedside, unit, classroom, simulation center and/or online) inclusive for all learners. 

Step 1:

View these WebAim YouTube videos about experiences with learning accessibility and include a reflection within your initial post. 



Step 2: 

Examine Americans with DisabilitiesLinks to an external site. Section 504 and ADA requirements as they apply to education.Links to an external site.

View Quality Matters is a good resource, but there are many, many, many sources on the web. So, enjoy exploring this topic.

IMPORTANT: Include a response to these videos within your initial post. 


Step 3:

Initial First Post due on FRIDAY 

Discussion Prompt:

Healthcare educators are required to be aware of the difficulties some individuals encounter when accessing technological programs, such as the web, and other online teaching platforms. Were you surprised of what you learned from the videos? 

What needs to be considered when creating an inclusive learning environment for all people from all cultures? What resources did you find to make learning environments more accessible and inclusive?

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect Individuals? 

Step 4:

Discussion closes on Sunday at midnight.  Respond to a minimum of one peer’s post and convey access to and reflection on the videos, readings, and resources (ADA).

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