Discipline Knowledge

Students will complete a decision making simulation during semester. The purpose of the simulation is to get you to develop strategy to drive what decisions you will make, make decisions, receive feedback, and adjust strategy. This is a valuable learning experience that hopefully will help you to understand that strategy development and implementation often occurs when you make decisions. The intention is for you to reflect on your strategic thinking and decision making and to develop insights about your own strengths and weaknesses as well as thoughts about what you might do differently in the real world. 1.Outlining the strategy you plan to implement and why (worth 5%). Submit this the lecturer prior to commencing (teaching week 6) and include exactly the same strategy at the start of your second submission. The once you have done the simulation submit a paper (2000 word overall – including the strategy section above) where you:

1.Reflect on whether you followed you planned strategy or not during the simulation and critique your strategy (was it effective, well thought through, etc.) (5%).

2.Reflect on your team’s decision-making processes and critique their effectiveness (5%).

3.Reflect on the assumptions in the simulation and critique the strength and weaknesses of those assumptions (5%) Submit a critical reflection summarising some of your key learning’s (with evidence), critically reflect on those learning’s and include some discipline knowledge to support your reflection. The marking key clarifies these requirements.


Question 2

collect the mission details of the space shuttle columbia disaster and specifications of the space shuttle columbia and explain the working principle of space shuttle

Explain how the failure happened for the space shuttle

Do you think its a fatigue or surface failure?justify

Based on the incident explain the relevance of selection of materials

Why the factor of safety is relevant in design and how its calculated

In your opinion what are the major failure reasons

Explian the simulatiob analysis carried out to find the failure modes. Explain your views

Do you think the spacecraft geometry had any role in failure modes.

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