Dignity Statuses

Question 1

Currently there are 5 states in the U.S that enacted Death with Dignity Statutes. The first state to enact such a law was Oregon. These statutes were not enacted without controversy. For this week’s written assignment, research one of the states that enacted a Death with Dignity statute. In your paper, provide the applicable statute and a summary of how a patient would obtain the necessary means to end their life. For example, how do they qualify, what is the process to obtain the end of life medications, etc? Share your thoughts about the Death with Dignity Statutes. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Question 2

1. Discuss the theme of retirement. This can be about your views or experiences of parents or relatives.

2. Tell us a story from your life about death or your feelings about death.

100 words each

Question 3

Listen to “A Burial Practice That Nourishes the Planet”. Argue for or against the speaker’s position.

She claims that we cannot sustain our current burial practices, and that even if we could, the way we do things is a denial of death and the circle of life and it only serves to sustain a multi-billion dollar burial business. You would also need to address the alternatives she proposes.

500-1000 words, include and cite two outside sources that support you opinion.

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