Digital Transformation in Healthcare


For this assignment, you will assume the role of a consultant expert in digital transformation in healthcare. Your task is to choose a case of digital transformation in healthcare and analyze it in the form of an essay.

The essay should include the following parts:

Part 1:

  • A brief summary of the case analysis (maximum 250 words)

Part 2:

  • A general description of the healthcare organization/system and its current situation
  • Description of the problem(s) that can be potentially resolved through digital transformation
  • The theory used for analysis, if applicable

Part 3:

  • The digital transformation objectives
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Digital transformation strategies
  • Challenges and barriers

Part 4:

  • Requirements
  • Recommendations

Part 5:

  • References (all facts in the essay must be supported with relevant and correct references)
  • Appendixes (if applicable, a maximum of two graphs or figures relevant to your topic)
  • Software will be used to see if AI has been used.


  • The essay should be submitted in Word, with a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 1250 words, excluding Part 5.
  • The formatting of the submission must be Calibri (Body), 12 points, 1-inch margins, and double-spaced lines. Please include your full name in the name of the PDF file.

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