Digital Resource Packet

Create a digital resource packet on the following topic with included links in the state of Florida city Jacksonville or Gainesville.

Topic: Prader-Willi Syndrome

Find local, state, and national resources in Florida State for your selected disability, including such things as:
• Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
• National/local support groups for parents
• National/local support groups for siblings
• Online support groups (Facebook groups, for instance)
• Conferences
• Medical resources
• Financial resources
• Disability caseworker/agency
• Caregiver support (such as respite)
• Camps, summer, life enrichment, and after school programs
Create a digital resource packet that you could share with parents or guardians. Your resource packet should consist of a Microsoft Word document that includes your FAQ, links (written as linked text, not as URLs) with descriptions, and scans or photos of any non-digital material you acquire. You should use headings for sections but are not required to use APA formatting.

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