Digital Literacy

Multimodal Research Project Assignment

This assignment addresses all the COM 110 Common Core Learning Objectives and Discipline-Specific Learning Outcomes as follows:

Students will need to complete research on and write about either a question related to the digital world or a design for a new unit for the course (DSLO 2), including finding and selecting appropriate sources (CCLO 3, DSLO 5), and reading and listening critically and analytically (CCLO 1). They will answer a research question or present a course design rationale with a persuasive argument (CCLO 4) that incorporates ideas and images from sources in an ethical manner (CCLO 5, DSLO 3, DSLO 4), composed in their chosen digital modality including some combination of the following modalities: text with hyperlinks, visuals, video, and audio (CCLO 2, DSLO 1), clearly citing sources (CCLO 5, DSLO 3, 4).

Your MRP should either:
Answer a narrowly focused research question related to the digital world. This should be comprised of 1250+ new words of text or spoken script, and use 5+ new sources, though it may, in addition, use revised text and sources from the Mini Research Blog in Week 7
if relevant.
Provide a plan for a single weekly unit design or redesign for COM 110. This should be comprised of 1250+ new words of text or spoken script which should include a rationale for the new unit or unit redesign (500+ words), and the sections found in existing weekly units: About this Week (200+ words), Task List (numbered), a CC-licensed image that fits the theme, 3+ new Required Materials (readings, videos, podcasts, etc.), each with a description of what the item is, why it is included, what the intended audience is, and what you hope fellow COM 110 students would get from it (450-500 words total); 2+ new Optional Materials and/or Learning Resources, each with a brief description for course adopters of what the material is and why it is included (100-150 words). This project may also, in addition, reuse some elements of a current unit, if relevant.

Regardless of focus, you must:

• Write coherently and clearly, providing a complete answer to the research question or a comprehensive unit (re)design for a weekly unit.
• Make a strong persuasive argument for your answer to the question or rationale for the
unit (re)design.
• Find and select appropriate sources for your research topic or unit (re)design which are timely, relevant, authoritative, and reputable. These should include two peer-reviewed scholarly articles or scholarly book chapters. (For a unit design, these may be cited in the rationale and/or used as readings for the unit.)
• Present the project on a well-chosen platform of your choice using one of the following multimodal formats or one approved by your instructor: (1) text with hyperlinks and multimedia; (2) audio narration of slideshow with multimedia and text script; (3) audio narration in (or over) video with multimedia and text script; or (4) video with images and superimposed text captions, with or without sound, and text script.
• Formulate your own ideas and relate them to those of others, including summarizing, paraphrasing, and/or quoting sources in support of your points. For the unit (re)design, this will happen in the rationale for the (re)design as well as in the descriptions of materials.
• Cite sources in a way that makes it clear both which sources are being used and where they are being used. Depending on platform, this can be done using APA in-text parenthetical citations or a less formal method such as an attribution (“According to Johnson…”) and neat link to the source.
• Include a References list in APA format (on a final slide or video screen, webpage, or separate document). Whatever method is used for attributions and citations, these should clearly point the audience to a source in the References list.
• Use well-chosen multimedia which may include videos, audio, and CC-licensed image(s) or other images licensed for your use, and credit these appropriately, embedding and linking to them (as your platform allows) or providing a URL in the References if your medium doesn’t allow linking.
• Submit the text only of your project (this can be text content, or a script for narration) to the SafeAssign link in Week 13 for plagiarism checking.
• Post your project to the MRP Blog. If the blog is your platform, you will post your writing, images, embedded YouTube videos, and links directly in the blog using the blog editor. If you used another platform, you should post to the blog with a link (WordPress, ScreenPal, TikTok, Panopto, etc.) or an attachment (PowerPoint)
• Write a reflective post on the Week 13 VoiceThread introducing your project with a strong, brief description of your reasons for choosing your topic, platform, and modalities (see VoiceThread prompt), and with an appropriate license (Copyright or Creative Commons) for your own material, and a plan for sharing it either solely in the course, with those you choose, or in the wider world.

Be sure and review the Multimodal Research Project Overview for examples of what this project might look like and tips for implementation.

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