Digital innovation


Part 1,

Knowledge and Understanding (maximum of 5)
1. Demonstrate critical awareness of how digital business applications
can support and change the way of doing business by aligning strategic
and organisational goals
2. Identify and evaluate digital business applications and their place in the
internal value chain
3. Identify and evaluate digital business applications and their place in the
external supply chain
4. Evaluate critically the operational and strategic implications arising from
new technology applications challenged with rapid changes and the need
for a responsible approach
5. Critically appraise existing innovative technologies to fit operation
requirements and meet strategic needs
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes (maximum of 5)
6. Identify and utilise appropriate methods for collecting, analysing and
presenting data related to digital business.
7. Demonstrate an ability to work effectively as an individual and group
member in order to carry out tasks linking theory to practice so developing
new skills to a high level
8. Students will be able to review and diagnose knowledge (tacit and
explicit) sharing in organisations to build critical thinking skills and digital
literacy skill
9. Communicate the solutions arrived at, and the theory underlying them,
in verbal and written form to specialists and non-specialist audiences
10. Locate, summarise and synthesise a range of information from
published literature and electronic sources on digital business, innovative
and disruptive technologies

Assessment details:
Part 2: Digital innovation blog post with digital media showcasing your
digital innovation and rationale (100%)
You will create a blog post of 600 words featuring existing or original digital
media content (images, sound, animation, video or other). The purpose of
the post is to showcase your digital innovation, which could be a new app,
wearable technology, software, hardware or something completely new
and innovative that has the potential to succeed in the marketplace.
You will be required to undertake background research in your chosen field
in order to ascertain your products unique selling points and target
audience and your blog post should be tailored to promote your innovation
to your chosen audience. The blog post should be posted to a blog website
such as WordPress. It is crucial that the blog post is accessible to your
tutors at the point of marking.
Consider the market rationale for your product – why is it an improvement
on other products and what new elements does it provide? How are you
putting your research and theory into practice to meet the needs of the
target audience?
When you are writing your blog post, outline how your idea works, why it
will be successful and bear in mind the acronym AIDA when you are writing
– Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.
In addition to the showcasing blog post, you will be required to produce a
300 word rationale. This will be submitted to Turnitin with a link to your blog
post and the blog post text. The rationale will demonstrate your research
and how you have put theory into practise, unpinning your blog post and
explaining the rationale for your digital innovation.
1. Blog post of 600 words outlining the innovation (40%)
2. Blog post embedded digital media content illustrating the
innovation (30%)
3. 300 Word rationale containing a link to your blog post (30%)

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