Digital Forensics

This assignment involves creating a report in preparation for the actual search of a location where physical and electronic evidence of a crime(s) may be found. Presume you are an investigator with a search warrant enabling you to search for and seize relevant evidence at the scene/location of the search. 


 review my related PowerPoint.  Then:

  1. In the body of the report create a real-life scenario in which you identify and describe the crime committed(consider some crimes you have learned about in previous chapters),the suspect (including the suspect’s possible motive and background), the location/address/premises of your search pursuant to the warrant (be very specific — home, office, other?), and a general description and nature of the evidence sought relevant to the crime(s).  Label this section Fact and Circumstances.”
  2. In the body also provide guidance to your investigative colleagues about various hardware and software computer components, electronic devices and media that may contain or conceal relevant electronic evidence at the search site.  Also provide guidance about the types of computer files that may hold evidence of the crime(s), along with warnings or considerations for investigators as they search for and examine various computer files.  The textbook is very helpful.  Label this section “Guidance on Locating Electronic Evidence.”
  3. Finally, identify and describe some tools that you believe will assist investigators as they search for and collect electronic evidence.  Label this section “Recommended Tools to Search for and Collect Electronic Evidence.”

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