Digital Cultural Critique

This assignment asks you to immerse yourself in the vast digital world of Google’s Art & Culture website and critique that experience. The assignment is short, simple and intended to help you explore and discover something you like. There are 3 steps to this assignment.

  1. Click on this link > Explore  < and spend an hour looking around

You can search through different artists, various mediums and art movements.   You can search through historical events, or color or time. You can do virtual tours of amazing museums all around the world.  Go down a few rabbit holes, explore things you have never heard of, or look at other works by an artist or movement that has caught your eye. This is an open hour of discovery, let curiosity be your guide. Keep a notebook handy and jot down works that stand out to you.

  • Write 1-2 Pages about the experience of your exploration

There is no specific format that I am requiring, but I would like you to be thoughtful in your critique. Ask yourself WHY you chose to explore the specific art you did WHAT works of art left an impression on you. 

What surprised you? 

What confused you? 

What excited you? 

What intrigued you?

What made you take a closer look?

What made you look away? 

What reminded you of something is class? 

What reminded you of something in your life?

What reminded you of your community?

What element of art stood out most to you; line, form, space, shape, texture or color?

What  made you feel something? 

What made you feel nothing? 

Will you ever look at this website again?

  • Turn your Critique in

Once you have written 1-2 pages double spaced about your digital art exploration, upload it in the Module titled Cultural Critique.

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