Developmental Teaching Plan Instructions

This assignment is essentially your mid-term. Please put in as much effort as you would to study for a mid-term. The template is provided with specific instructions for each section. In your Client Education book, there is an example of this exact assignment. Use the rubric as your guide for each section and make sure you cover all the necessary information. Complete APA format.
Part 1
 Each written section needs to be 2-3 WELL DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS
 In-text citations are necessary as well as a reference page, page numbers, and title page
 See rubric for reference requirements
 Each student will pick a type of patient from a provided list, if you want to come up with something on your own, instructor approval is required
Part 2 (Table)
 Use the table provided
 Do not forget the short-term goal and long-term goal
 One learning outcome is required
 3 learning objectives are required (one cognitive, one psychomotor, and one affective)
 For each learning objective you are required to have 3 areas of content (this means you will have 9 total)
 For teaching strategies and instructional materials, you should have multiple sentences of what you will be using. In-text citations may be used here if you are using a source to determine what strategies you are going to use
 For evaluation, you should have multiple sentences describing how you are going to evaluate whether your patient met the goal

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