Developmental State


1) Discuss the pros and cons of the developmental state. How do the themes of power, ideology, democracy, and state interests intersect in this world? Do you think the developmental state can be replicated today? Why or why not?

2) Outline three themes from Sacks’ reading. In your view, how do these themes relate to development?

3) Discuss any of Huntington’s Reverse Wave in the context of democratic transition:

Weakness of democratic values among elites and general public

Severe economic setbacks, social conflict, and demand for enhanced authoritarian remedies

Social and political polarization is often produced by left-leaning governments seeking alternative reform

Conservative middle-class and upper-class barriers to populist/leftist movements

Breakdown of law and order resulting in violence

Intervention by non-democratic countries and reverse ‘snowballing’

Impact of Covid, and the global pandemic on democracy?

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