Development Program

As an MBA and leader, you must be able to present your management plans and leadership strategies to inform stakeholders and gain buy-in. For this assignment, you’ll practice this by developing a proposal for a professional development training program. The program centers on motivational strategies and how an emotional intelligence management approach would benefit department managers.

Imagine that the CEO has charged you, the task force leader, with researching emotional intelligence (EI) in order to propose a professional development program.

Your proposal should detail how a new incentive program, based on an EI management approach, will foster teamwork, strengthen interpersonal relationships, enhance communication, and increase overall performance. You need to help the CEO gain approval for this initiative. Your program’s proposal must include supporting research concerning how motivational strategies enhance job satisfaction and team output.


Prepare for this assignment by identifying the resources you’ll use to create your proposal. You will need to provide at least two quality resources such as the course textbook, company website, business websites (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.), resources from the Strayer Library, and/or outside sources. Note: Wikipedia and web-based blogs do not qualify as credible resources.

INSTRUCTIONS create a proposal (five to seven pages recommended) that includes the following components:

  1. EI and Motivation

Which of the EI building blocks would impact management’s ability to       enhance employee performance and job satisfaction? Based on your       research on motivational theory, describe how your task force would       utilize positive or negative reinforcement to influence the members of       the organization and resolve the issue. Provide examples to     support your solution.

  1. EI and Social Skills and Decision Making

Explain how the core concepts of emotional intelligence would        enhance the social skills and the decision-making efficacy     of the management team.

  1. Effective Teams Describe the core attributes of an effective team and the strategies       you would implement to develop team dynamics that will benefit     the organization.
  2. Reward Systems Create an effective reward system for this organization. Determine the strategies you would incorporate to motivate your employees      and influence behavior.
  3. Executive Summary Prepare a one-page executive summary that you will present to the        CEO in an upcoming executive meeting. Note: An executive summary is a condensed version of your full report. It should summarize briefly all the main points in concise paragraphs. It should be written clearly        and should use language appropriate for the audience.

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