Developing Research, Critical Thinking and Presentation Skills.

Assignment: Learning Concept Paper and Concept Presentation
Instructions and Rubrics


The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with a common educational concept. In the process, you will develop your research skills, your critical thinking skills, and your presentation skills. You will use each of these skills in your major coursework, as well as during your professional life, and the concept that you present will help to inform your educational philosophy.
Paper Instructions

You will write a 1500-word research paper, in APA-7 writing style, in which you will investigate the details, background, and applications of one educational concept. Each student will research a different concept so that a multitude of concepts are covered. In your paper you will follow the structure below to include all relevant points.
Parts of the Paper
Your paper will include the following sections:
Introduction. This section should briefly introduce the concept. It should capture the reader’s interest with a compelling statement on the value of the information to come. In other words, why does this idea matter?
Description. In this section, you should discuss the concept. You should describe, in detail, the meaning of the term and any related terms. You should also describe the background of the concept, including the primary theorists who espoused the idea, the historical and philosophical context in which it was coined, and its initial reception and application.
Application. In this section, you should explain how the concept has been applied in classes since it was first conceived and how it can potentially be applied today. You should include a brief description of the reason that a teacher might apply this concept and what the expected result would be. You should also include some reasons why teachers would opt not to apply this idea.
Analysis. In this section, you should analyze the concept. Compare and contrast your concept with other ideas, both from the era in which it emerged and from modern times. Based on your reading and thinking about this idea, explain how you believe this idea has impacted education today (if at all). This section should provide a thoughtful presentation of your thoughts based on the research you have conducted and provide facts and evidence to support your position.
Conclusion. In this section, summarize the main points of your paper by referring back to your introduction in order to reiterate the concepts you opened with. Your conclusion should capture the reader’s interest by providing possible solutions or actions that need to be taken.
References. Provide a reference list, which includes all of the research materials you cited throughout your paper.
Your paper will be graded based upon the rubric which follows.
Presentation Instructions

In a separate assignment, you will formally present your findings to the class. Your presentation should follow the same general format as the paper, but you may ultimately present the sections in a different order. In addition, your presentation should include:
• Your own experience with the concept (i.e. have your teachers done this in classes you have taken?);
• An activity for students;
• A visual aid that deepens our understanding of the concept.
You should regard your oral presentation as an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of this idea. You should not simply paste text on a visual aid and read it to the class. You should be able to answer questions from the class and the professor about your concept. You should practice and polish your oral presentation before you present it to the class.
Your presentation will be graded based upon the rubric which follows. Note: your professor may require you to submit drafts and/or have a conference about this paper, and those requirements may comprise a portion of your grade on the Concept Paper assignment.

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