Designs for a Student Affairs Department of the Future

Instructions: In this assignment, you will update your prior selected Student Affairs department to help meet the future challenges covered in this week’s readings and resources. 

Step 1: Revisit the infographic you created for the Week 2 assignment that featured the major services offered by your selected university’s Student Affairs department.

Imagine that you oversee this department, and that the University President has given you a mandate to address two major challenges that will affect your department in the future. Unfortunately, with budgets being tight, no new funding is being provided for this, so you will not be allowed to add new staff without laying off existing personnel. The president has, however, given you the freedom to pursue creative approaches to meet these challenges, including reimagining the department’s current areas/structure, services, and staffing. Revise your infographic to incorporate the changes you plan to make to the department. 

Step 2: With the university president requesting a presentation of your proposed changes, create a professional-looking 8 – 12 slide screencast that describes your university’s Student Affairs department featuring redesigned services to meet the two future challenges you have identified. Arrange your narrated slideshow in the following order.

  1. Title slide (1 slide) –
  2. Image of your original infographic submitted for the Week 2 assignment that shows the department’s currently offered services (1 slide)
  3. Summaries of two major challenges for the future of Student Affairs personnel, with sources cited (2 slides)
  4. Summaries of departmental areas and/or services that will not change in this redesigned department, if any (2 slides)
  5. Descriptions of departmental areas and/or services that will change in this redesigned department (2-4 slides)
  6. Image of your updated infographic from Step 1 (1 slide)
  7. References (1 slide)

Make sure you justify your decisions using the readings and resources from this course. Remember to use the APA guidelines to format your in-text citations and reference page.

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