Designing Complex Adaptive Systems


Review the assigned readings from Units 4-6 as well as your researched articles. You will use these resources to support your work; be sure you include both theoretical and practical application literature in this assignment.

Complete the following:

Analyze how organizational leaders can use complexity theory to understand the mechanisms that drive the innovation process.
Analyze network theory and its application to pluralistic or collective leadership in complex adaptive organizations.
Evaluate how a leader designs organizational structures and processes to successfully manage and create innovation.
Analyze the application of systems thinking principles by a leader to make an organization more adaptive and agile.

Organize your paper into four sections (one for each bullet point) of relatively equal length. Use headings and subheadings appropriately. You may include graphs or diagrams in appendices if they are pertinent and well explained.

Support each section of your paper using the unit readings as well at least three additional scholarly or reputable industry resources. Adhere to APA guidelines for all in-text citations and references.
Additional Requirements

Include a title page and reference page.
6 pages not including title page, reference page, or appendices.
A minimum of 5 scholarly resources. At least 3 of these must be from your own research. Your resources should all be recent (within the last 3-5 years) and appropriate.
Use Times New Roman, 12 pts., double spaced.

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