Design an Impactful Solution Based on Feedback and Engagement With Others.

Using your own example of providing a people practice solution to meet a particular need, or a hypothetical example such as introducing a new policy or reward initiative, comment on how you would/have:
• ensured the ‘design’ of the solution was informed by engagement with others, particularly those most affected by the solution.

Assessment Guidance
• You need to identify a people practice initiative, real or imagined.
• Focusing on the design of the solution to meet the need, explain how people involved (stakeholders) were engaged with – how were their opinions, view, input to the solution accounted for?
• You should explain how the need for a solution was identified and what the purpose of the initiative was.

Input to the solution could come from:
• Stakeholders impacted by the proposed solution.
• Those with relative insight to offer e.g. subject matter experts.
• Those with authority in the area concerned e.g. those who hold the budgets.

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