descriptive epidemiology

Question 1

Choose a topic for your research paper in terms of health-related state or event (e.g.disease, disability,chronic condition).

Remember to describe your chosen population in terms of descriptive epidemiology (people, place and time).

In a Microsoft Word document, develop a 3 to 5 page paper about your chosen topic; including the title and background. In addition, provide a rationale for your topic choice and include a list of at least five proposed references.

Question 2

500 words not including min 3 ref APA

For this Discussion, review the article by Fernandez, Cho (ATTACHED). Consider some of the strengths and limitations of situational leadership presented in the article. Then, select a leader with whom you are familiar and a situation or event in which the leader was involved. Think about how the Hersey and Blanchard Model of situational leadership applies to the leader and situation you selected.

Post a brief description of two strengths and two limitations of situational approaches to leadership. Then, briefly describe the leader and situation you selected. Next, evaluate the leader’s response and leadership effectiveness based on the Hersey and Blanchard model which is DIRECTING, COACHING, SUPPORTING AND DELEGATING

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