Demystifying Demand Forecasting

Research online resources

Assignment Prompt and Instructions:
This week, you will search the internet for two resources that add to your understanding of the lesson material in chapter 1 of your textbook by Chase on Demystifying Demand Forecasting. Use the template attached to this assignment for your submission. Start your search by first listing key search terms you will use to locate two resources for this essay. Then, search in YouTube, Google, Bing, or any other search engine for a resource that adds to your forecasting knowledge. Do not source “for-purchase options” such as consultancies or statistical software. For example, you could source a YouTube video that expands your understanding of forecasting demand from either the demand or supply side. You will have four sections in this 1000-word paper.

  1. Overview of the subject(s) searched for, including key terms used to search
  2. Resource 1: Hyperlink the title of the resource, then complete a thorough review of the content
  3. Resource 2: Hyperlink the title of the resource, then complete a comprehensive review of the content
  4. Summarize what you learned that added to your understanding of forecasting

Assignment Instructions:
• Please ensure you follow the guidelines for this assignment. Use the template attached below to complete this assignment. Label your submission document as firstinitiallastname_Assignment1.docx (for example, JJohnson_Assignment1.docx).
• The content of this assignment should be a minimum of 1000 words of strategic material, double-spaced. The content requirements do not include a cover page, abstract, or reference pages. The assignment should be in APA, MS Word, Times New Roman 12PT Font, one space after punctuation, and with in-text citations.
• You must provide references to support your points as they add to the body of knowledge. Once you submit your document to the assignment folder, it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM for this course. Please note that there is a similarity rating requirement of less than 20%. Therefore, I highly recommend you test your document by uploading it in advance and labeling it as a TEST.
• Plagiarism in any form will result in an automatic zero for this assignment:
o Using another author’s exact words without quotations and in-text citations.
o You are paraphrasing by changing a couple of another author’s words and claiming them to be your own.
o Using another student’s submission in any form will be considered plagiarism.
o You cannot use work you submitted to another class at any time.
o Late submissions will automatically result in a 50% deduction. If you may be late, please let me know so we can schedule a submission.

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