DEI Project: Educational Background

Students will be provided with a list describing types of diverse populations. Students are responsible for conducting an initial literature search for the population(s) they may be interested (educational background) in using as the subject of their project. They must ensure there is ample peer-reviewed literature (at least 8 sources) for their targeted group. Students may work alone or with a partner (no groups of 3 will be allowed). Everyone, whether working alone or with a partner, needs to add their name and topic to the Sign-up Sheet Collaboration (to be posted by the instructor). Students will utilize the DEI resources provided in the course resources folder as well as conduct in-depth research into the group they have chosen. The research will culminate in the following submitted materials:

Summary research paper – 7-10 pages for those working alone, 12-15 pages for partner teams, double-spaced, summarizing the review of literature conducted on the chosen group and the relationship between clinical reasoning and the shared decision-making process when working with this population. The student should aim to find at least eight research papers on the topic (preferably review papers or meta-analyses) and synthesize their findings.

Handout – this is to be a summary of key findings and areas of interest for their chosen population. On the handout should be listed key findings (with some synthesis or conclusions of the knowledge to date on the topic). Students are encouraged to prepare the handout with their classmates in mind as the audience. Students can state on the handout areas they wish to learn more about/explore or where further research is needed. Sources for the presentation must be listed using APA format. The handout is not to exceed 2 pages.

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