Death in a Promised Land Analysis

Write a minimum 1000-word analysis of the book.  You should address the issues listed below.  Use specific examples from Death in a Promised Land to support your essay.  You may also include examples and information from the textbook, American Yawp.

Provide an assessment of the community of Greenwood before the massacre.  The community was often described as “black Wall Street”.  Is this a correct assessment?  Was the black community in Greenwood economically independent?  Was the economic success widespread?  Be specific; use examples to support your points.

Assess the role of government (law enforcement and local politicians) and the media (newspapers) in the massacre/riot in Greenwood?  How did they contribute to the escalating situation? 

Discuss the efforts of the black community to rebuild after the massacre and destruction of their homes and businesses.  What were the obstacles they faced?  How did the various ‘relief’ efforts hinder the rebuilding?  Be specific; use examples.

Why did the city of Tulsa develop twin oral traditions—one white the other black—about what happened in 1921.  What does this event and its aftermath tell us about how history is written?  Provide specific examples from the readings to support your essay.

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