Deaf People Color Questions

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1. You are to complete your Take-Home paper answering the following question:

a. What was your general perception of the authors’ perspectives?

b. How do the readings help you, or not, to express your own ideas about Deaf culture?

2. Your Critical Reading Summary paper should consist three main parts:a. Title Page, b.Main Body, and c.References.a. Title Page-It should contain: 1) Critical Reading Summary #(bold), 2) Your name,3) Name of Department& University, 4) Course Name,5) Professor name, and6) Semester, year.b. Main Body-must be one(1) full page in length and no more than 2 pages. Make sure to use in-text citations.

c. References-assigned class reading(s)/viewing .The reference list needs to be at the last page. The lines other than the first line for each entry must be indented half inch from the left margin. MUST USE APA 7 FORMAT

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