Daycare Centers

Question 1

Service Learning Service

Select a agency/organization which has to include:

1. agency/organization name

2. agency/organization location (Columbus, Mississippi)

3. The mission of the agency/organization

4. Your possible volunteer role in serving this organization

Type a brief (1) paragraph of the agency/organization

Examples of suitable organizations include daycare centers, shelters for victims of domestic violence, programs for at-risk youth, departments of children’s services, and family planning organizations. Students need to comply with all privacy rules required by the organization they volunteer with.

Question 2

Identify examples of institutional gender discrimination. Are you surprised at the wage gap? Were you aware of labor market segmentation? Discuss how gender socialization influences the occupational choices of women and men. The textbook is M&F4, by David Knox. Which stands for Marriage and Family 4th edition 2018. Must be at least 250 words.

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