Data Mapping Route

Data mapping is the important priority to ensure that all physical transfer of data from primary source(s) to the target system without disruption of the daily business processes. To ensure focus on preparing specific source(s) of data routes from the existing systems to the target systems in safe physical transfer of data. All data, files, documents must be transferred to the target systems. Understanding and knowledge of data types, data source(s), files types, types of documents that need to be ensured and transferred to the target systems.
Before starting the project, data migration experts and team must ensure fully understand the data sources before starting the project. Understanding the nature of data, types of data and sources of data are important. To achieve a complete profile and audit of all sources of data must ensure and understand in early stage and it can deliver tangible benefits. In initial stages, team need to ensure to identify and address all potential problems before starting the data migration project. Team need to develop the rules for migration plans, data mapping methods, testing methods that can be based on thorough analysis of sources of all data

rather than small data set. Making decisions can be based on proven facts rather than assumptions.

  1. Validation and Implementation of Data

Following key attributions should be done:-

  1. Relevance: Is it relevant to all sources of data?
  2. Accuracy: Can data be accurate?
  3. Integrity: Does it logical structure?
  4. Consistency: Is it understand and consistent?
  5. Completeness: Does it ensure to complete?
  6. Validity: Is it valid for business processes?
  7. Timeliness: Is it updated?
  8. Accessibility: Can it be accessed and reliable?

Compliance: Does it comply to standard?

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