Data Leak

Question 1

What corporate and/or national policy initiatives “three to four” do you think should be put in place to curb such forms of cyberterrorism such as “leaks”&”Wikileaks”?

You need to explain the initiatives and describe it clearly and then how this will improve the deterrence of data leak and then how this can be adopted by governments or organizations.

Similarity should be less than 15% and APA style should be used. The number of pages should be 2.

Question 2

you can pick topic that related to the course,FIN30101 – Corporate Finance ( you may choose to do a 5 minute in class presentation on current financial-management related issue or news based on your own interest. It can be a summary of stock market performance over the last week, a significant event in an industry firm, or any financial news as reported in periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, The Financial Times, etc)

Question 3

1. summarizes the critical issues related to the protection of patient rights. 2 pages

2. elaborate on the concept of Cost to Care Ratio (CCR), and although CCR is relatively simple to implement. Why do complex health care organizations use the step-down, or the activity base costing approach instead of CCR? 1 page

2. prepare an 8-10 slide presentation on the components of a Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of a healthcare organization of your choice. You may find this information on a hospital or other healthcare organization website or by searching for “patient rights and responsibilities”. Explain the role of Corporate Compliance in ensuring these patient rights are met.

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