Dance Tradition

Please use proper sources and citations to answer these questions.


  • Based on the YouTube interview with Andrew Scott, what is important about the Quadrille dance for St. Lucians?
  • What has been expressed as the importance of revival of the Quadrille dance tradition?
  • Why is quadrille dance, as a performing art form, important to St Lucians (people of St. Lucia)?
  • What is the connection between dancing and community?
  • According to Roger Abrahams, “Creolization, as a cultural process, offers a way by which to negotiate and cultural approximations and disassociations.” Using quadrille dance as an example, describe how participation in the dance ritual assists in negotiating cultural associations.



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“Exploring Cultural Dance – Quadrille. Andrew Scott & Evette Phillips demonstrate St Lucian Quadrille.” YouTube video, 7:08. Posted by CACOEU2000.

“Exploring Cultural Dance – Quadrille. Caroline Muraldo & members of her dance groups talk Quadrille.” YouTube videos, 22:24. Posted by CACOEU2000.

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