Cyber Security

Game Stream is a gaming platform launched in 2020. The target users are in the age group between 13 till 25. The gaming platform have around 20 million users across the globe.

The users can

  1. Play games online – One to One / In groups
  2. Buy in-store purchases
  3. Able to chat privately with their friends.
  4. Able to share their game achievements and rewards with their friends’.

The Game Streams uses end to end encryption of all user data & organisations communication have been secure in accordance with the company’s security plan. The employees are instructed to use VPN while connecting remotely to organisation’s network. The company has a security policy that all employees are instructed to follow in order to minimise security threats.

Although the Game Stream’s security was consistent so far, the company recently faced a security breach which exposed the data of around 1 million users. The company during the press meet have accepted that the attackers have breached users’ data that include name, email address, credit card & other personal information from their website. Also, there are possibilities that this breach might allow the hackers to access the users’ other accounts that are linked to the same email address that the users have used on Game Stream’s website. The attacked accounts had been reset & the users are prompted to re log in & to change their passwords. The cause of the breach is still unknown. Also, the company has not provided any information about misuse of hacked user information, and this needs further investigation.

You work as a trainee in the security team at Game Stream. You are asked by your manager to work on this incident.

As the 1st step, the manager has recommended you create a training material for the Cyber Awareness Program for all the employees at Game Stream.

Assignment Task:

Task 01: Appraise security plan based on the scenario. (1000 words)

• Identify various cyber issues that Game Stream can encounter in the future and evaluate 2 types of cyber threats that you think Game Stream is most vulnerable to. Ensure to address various impacts of those cyber threats that include- Loss of service, data, reputation, users & money.

Task 02: Develop security plan & generate security metrics (1000 Words)

  1. Develop a security plan for Game Stream. Ensure to include defence systems for various security threats including but not limited to DDOS, IOT attacks, Cloud attacks, Social Engineering, Phishing, Malware and Ransomware and analyse various ways to monitor the network for vulnerabilities & attacks.
  2. Based on the given scenario, generate security metrics to help Game Stream to measure & to improve their security.

● Focus on attention to detail, quality of work and overall academic standards.
● For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available on Canvas.

The following are indicative marking criteria for your assignment:
● Identify various cyber issues (5%) & evaluate any 2 of them (35 % for both evaluations)
● Develop security plan for Game Stream (20 %) & generate security metrics (20%)
● Structure & quality of material presented – layout, spelling, grammar, syntax (10%)
● References – quality, range and extensiveness of references. The currency of the information (how recent is it) and the triangulation of references (cross-referencing data to add further justification to points) are critical. Marks for references will also be embedded with the sections above, but the extent, presentation, currency and quality of the references will account for 10%.

● This assignment will require you to submit your work by uploading a document in Word or PDF format to Canvas.

● Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate and apply the basic concepts, terminology, and technologies of cyber security
● Learning outcome 2: Develop a basic knowledge of cyber threats and the corresponding detection and defence techniques
● Learning outcome 3: Analyse and develop a security plan for dealing with situations
● Learning outcome 4: Analyse a given security profile for strengths and weaknesses and be able to propose alternative approaches

● The skills outcomes to be developed by completing this assignment are

  1. Develop strong IT skills that includes hardware & networking.
  2. Logical Reasoning- Ability to apply the logical reasoning to analyse the pros & cons of an organisations IT network.

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