Cyber Conflict

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Assignment 1: Develop and write an Introduction to the research paper. The Introduction should address: – Introduction of the research problem – Discussion of the relevant literature (Literature Review). The literature review will include references and citations to all or a portion of the sources found in week 6 & 7. All sources cited in the text must be included in the References section. Likewise, any source listed in the references section must be cited in the text. – Research question. The Introduction & Review of Literature shall follow the guidelines established in the “MS-TMGT Manuscript Guide” document, which is available under Doc Sharing. This includes the running header. The submitted document must contain the Title Page, Introduction & Review of Literature, and References sections. The document shall follow the guidelines in the TMGT 595 Manuscript Preparation document and APA style. Refer to the Descriptive Research Study Instructions Fall 2014 document under Doc Sharing for additional information and specific guidelines.

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