Customer Service

Answer each question using the resources attached or the internet. Each question should have a resource after the response, unless no source was used.

Question 1
Explain customer life cycle and customer loyalty as they relate to CRM.

Question 2
Write a paragraph describing home replication strategy.

Question 3
Within online communities, there are five stages of evolution: a potential stage, a stage, an stage, an stage, and an adaptive stage.
Select one:
retaining, analytical, operational
communication, innovation, acceptance
building, engaged, active
collaboration, enabling, extending

Question 4
Describe and summarize the 5 individual steps in the CRM chain of effects.

Question 5
Write a one-paragraph analysis of why data is central to any successful CRM plan.

Question 6
Describe stale data. What can companies do to keep their data fresh?

Question 7
Describe all four ways that CRM is implemented: sales; marketing; service and service fulfillment; and services invoked by customer.

Question 8
When it comes to ordering, customers want to be treated with . The capability of a business to remember customers and their information makes ordering easier for customers and lets them know that they are _.
Select one:
respect, important

respect, distinct
fairness, individuals
value-added orientation, essential

Question 9
Write a paragraph comparing relational and discrete customer strategies and provide a business example.

Question 10
How can a company accurately assess how much customer-identifying information it currently holds? Explain both approaches.

Question 11
When identifying individual customers to facilitate the development of relationships, a company must undertake several identification activities. Describe the following identification activities: define, find, and collect.

Question 12
Write a paragraph explaining how the accessibility of new technologies is motivating companies to reconsider customer relationship management and development.

Question 13
How has behavior across all ages been transformed due to technology? What do these trends say about customers and connecting with them?

Question 14
Describe how a lack of trust has affected a brand’s ability to connect with customers.

Question 15
How can someone become an advocate for your brand? Discuss the four steps it takes to get there.

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