Customer Service

• Assess the effectiveness of a given customer service scenario, as it relates to personal service and customer satisfaction.
• From a procedural and personal perspective, apply the six steps to providing quality customer service to four distinct types of service.
To start, view the short video by Ross Shafer from the following URL address on You Tube:
After viewing the video, think about the experience the presenter had and address the following questions.
• Was Maria Garcia’s actions (getting the Diet Coke) instilled in her through company training or did she act on her own?
• As a comparative example, identify and describe the last time you were “wowed” by a special, unexpected personal service. How did you react? Did you provide positive feedback like Ross did in the video?
• How can we, as managers and leaders, sustain an environment where employees do not hesitate to exceed expectations? How can we better recognize or anticipate the needs of our customers, especially those like Ross Shafer [presenter in video] checking in after midnight?
Submission Instructions: Your submission should be in APA format, with an appropriately formatted title page and reference page. An abstract should not be included. There should be 4 scholarly references that support this assignment. 1 should be peer reviewed.

Using the questions as sub-headers, re-write the questions in your own words and answer each question in “mini-essay” form; that is, with an introduction, supporting body with references where appropriate and a conclusion for each question. Make sure to provide a proper introduction and thesis for the entire assignment at the beginning of the essay; that is, provide appropriate background information and establish the purpose before writing your mini-essays.

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