Customer Persona

Jesus Amezcua
• Likes very little planning and enjoys spontaneous adventures.
• Likes to have a variety of options of things to enjoy with friends
and girlfriend as a group.
• Ensure there are no delays in the any of the planning, especially
not last minute delays on plans.
• Finding someone to take care of work responsibilities while they
are out on vacation and maintaining the same quality of work.
• Clear and consistent communication.
• Communicate changes in plans well ahead of time to allow
• Enough activities to enjoy the vacation and leave work behind for
a few days.
Jesus Amezcua
• “I have missed two flights in the past due to notices being too
short notice.”
• “The resort I stayed in last year had very little to do while I was
there and I had to repeat activities.”
• “I enjoy finding group activities in the evening such as bars or
restaurants but the resort we stayed in had nothing to do after
• “I found a package with more activities included for the same
price or cheaper.”
• “This requires too much planning. I want a list of activities so I
can follow them and I will fill in the free time.”
• “The website was not very user friendly so I let my friend plan the
trip and he chose a different company.

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