Curriculum Plan Assessment


There are many considerations when developing an entirely new curriculum or revising a current one. Some considerations include, but are not limited to, the goals and mission of the institution/organization, the demographics of the population being served, the political climate, the current state of healthcare, available resources, and faculty and learner attributes.
A full curriculum development cannot and should not be completed by one faculty member. A team approach is required. However, in this assignment you will be completing an individual assignment by addressing some initial steps that are foundational to curriculum development. This is only a plan (not a full course or curriculum). Developing a course or a curriculum would not be possible in the time allotted for this assignment, but developing some fundamental steps is possible. You will work through the steps identified for you below to accomplish the intent of the assignment.
You will need to reference foundational documents such as The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education, the National League for Nursing Education Competencies, The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) standards, and Bloom’s Taxonomy to guide your work. There are links to each of these resources within the Reading & Study folders in your course.

Your required readings for developing curriculum will be necessary to support you through the development of this assignment. The topic areas you must include in your plan are:
• The mission and vision of the organization/institution for which the plan is being developed;
• A conceptual framework/philosophy;
• Target population and related demographic considerations;
• Identify end-of-program program learning outcomes for the curriculum; and
• Biblical integration.
Your plan will be evaluated based on the following required components:

Curriculum Plan: Mission and Philosophy
• Write a mission statement for a proposed 2, 3, or 4-year undergraduate nursing curriculum.
• Write a School of Nursing Philosophy statement.
(You may review samples of other schools, but your work should be as creative and individual as possible. Be sure to cite any works you use to help you develop your statements).
• Include how the faculty defines the Nursing metaparadigm concepts
• Describe your organizing framework (Example: AACN, QSEN, etc.)
• Discuss how you would incorporate a biblical worldview into your curriculum.
• Length of assignment: 2 – 3 pages (Excluding the Title and Reference pages)
• Format: Current APA
• Number of Citations: 2 – 3 scholarly articles published within the last five years, in
addition to the course textbooks and the Bible.

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