Current Issues in Accounting , Auditing and Tax

The objective of this project is for you to research a current issue in accounting, auditing, or tax that interests you in depth. The topic could be one that we will discuss in class, such as a specific topic within IFRS, XBRL, ethics, or another topic that you will find interesting. It is important that the topic be extensive enough that eight-to-ten pages can be written on it.
Project Submission:
This is an individual project. Each student will identify a topic and prepare the outline of the research paper and the final draft. Each student will submit their research work in a Word document and narrated Power Point slides/Kaltura video with at least a 1-2 minute per-slide narration in two phases as described below.
Phase I (150 Points – Due Week 7) – Written Paper
Please note that these details are given in the outline briefly and will be used as the framework for the final paper.

  1. Title of the paper
  2. Introduction
  3. Need for the study or the importance of the topic in the present context
  4. History and Current Status: Give a preliminary view of the history and current status of the topic
  5. Future: Discuss the future of the topic
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

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