Current Events

You must select an article that was featured in the print edition (e.g. blogs that are hosted by The Wall Street Journal are not acceptable).  Each current event submission should include the following: 1) summary, 2) the key strategic issues,(3) theory or models from this course or other business school courses that help structure analysis of the information provided in the article, (4) your original analysis of the situation (not a summary of the facts or analysis provided in the article!), and (5) recommendations to the top management team of the company discussed in the article.  The grade will be determined by the quality of your analysis, including answering the appropriate additional questions.

Only articles from the print edition of Wall Street Journal are acceptable for this assignment.


  • Clearly identifies and summarizes event.


  • Clearly identifies and summarizes main issues and successfully explains why/how they are problems or question; identifies implicit issues.


  • Correctly identifies and explicitly states multiple analytical techniques/frameworks. Makes a convincing case that the identified technique is appropriate to the situation.


  • Identifies and rigorously evaluates all important evidence offered. Provides new data or information for consideration, especially using other cases and material from the course.


  • Thoroughly identifies and discusses recommendations that flow logically. Considers all relevant assumptions, data, and results. Recommendation thoroughly addresses identified issues. Logic and support clear and convincing.


  • Current event demonstrates a sophisticated clarity and correctness. Includes thorough details and relevant information. Extremely well-organized.


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