Current Event case study

 Every group member will be in charge of covering events from one major region in the world (i.e. East Asia, Europe, Mexico/Latin America, North Africa/Middle East, South Asia/Southeast Asia/Australia, and Sub-Saharan Africa). The events can be a national/regional policy change or a corporate event, or other events with global business implications. Each group member is responsible for covering one particular region. In class, you will give a brief summary of an event that occurred somewhere in the region, mention how this event affects international business, and answer any questions the class may have about this event.

The following is a suggested approach to prepare for the presentation.

  1. Find a credible source of article covering a current event in the region
  2. Searching for multiple sources of the same event is strongly encouraged. Sometimes you might get insights from opposing views on the same event.
  3. Summarize the content of the article(s) by briefing who, what, when, where, and how the event occurs.
  4. Tell us what your major take-away from the event in terms of how the event impacts international business. Explain WHY this event is important to you, us, and/or the rest of the world.
  5. Optional: offer your prediction in terms of what might happen as the RESULT of the current event.
  6. APA Cover Sheet and paper formatting


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