Current Event Analysis

Assignment Content

  1. Current Event Analysis (CEA) Assignment (90 pts.)

o Continue Work – this Current Event Analysis (CEA) assignment announcement and the attached “Grad CEA Instructions, Score Matrix & Example” is a duplicate of the ones in Unit I for you to continue your research and work on your CEA in preparation for and before Unit III where you will submit your CEA during (not before) and by the end of Unit III’s second week (Week 6).
o Current Event Analysis is – as the name suggests it is to be the student’s critical analysis of an online news article (not more than one-year-old from the date the CEA is submitted) they select dealing with this course and discussed in the course text and appearing in the online news article selected from an online news website (i.e., New York Times, MSNBC,,,, etc.,).
o Begin or continue working on CEA – as the course’s important research, analytical and writing assignment worth up to 90 pts. and almost a quarter of the course grade (e.g., 22 ½ %) it (a) is intentionally made available on the first day of the course, and (b) requires the same quality of effort and period of time measured in weeks not merely hours or even days as longer research papers.
o Instructions, Score Matrix & Example available NOW – as attached with the view that although it is not due until and is not to be submitted before Week 6 in Unit III, as the course’s important research and writing assignment students are expected to need begin working on it beginning in the first-week of the course by researching, and drafting their CEA and saving their work off-line until they are ready and can submit their CEA in its final form as Safe Assignment.

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