Current Ethical Dilemma Events

Students will peruse social media and will locate current ethical dilemma events. In a 5-7 page paper, students will identify an issue that reveals an ethical dilemma. Students must describe the dilemma, state the facts leading up to the dilemma, provide a brief description of all of the stakeholders involved in the dilemma and/or who have an interest in the outcome of the dilemma, proffer suggestions for best dealing with and/or solving the dilemma, and explain why the proffered suggestion(s) is ideal given the circumstances. Students will write two current event papers during the course of the semester.

Papers will be graded for clarity, comprehensiveness, and grammar.

Papers must be typewritten in 12-point font size (Times New Roman), double spaced, and have one-inch margins all around. All papers must be submitted on the due no later than 11:59pm via email!

Please use course readings along with additional sources (with a minimum of 4 references). In addition to providing a cover and references page. Cover page and references page does not count.

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