Current Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic

Research Paper

This paper will explore the current COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of isolation, distrust for Government Leadership, and vulnerability as it relates to anxiety, fear and other mental health challenges ( discuss a mental health issue presented in class as an example of a possible area to focus your specific treatment plan for). Select a population, address the scope of the substance use disorder within the selected population, provide statistical data, provide research narratives of the challenges from a micro, mezzo and macro prospective (individual, group/ community/family supports & policy). Present the possibly resolutions to specific treatment plans that would be effective with the population you select and explain why (CBT, MI, Spirituality, etc.) Elaborate on the available resources or lack of to treat the prevalence of substance use disorder within your selected population. Paper must be, 6- 8 pages, 12-point font and APA style (7th Edition) for internal citations and a reference page.

PowerPoint Presentation-

Every student will upload and present a visual summary of their final research paper in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation should be a representation of each part your final paper with visuals and creativity to express the importance of your research project. There should no more or less than 10 -15 slides with references in APA format.

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